The CAL2CAL Information Integration Infrastructure (CALi3 TM) is a collection of products and services that facilitate information sharing, system integration, and business intelligence in an enterprise having an ICT application architecture comprised of heterogeneous independent application systems.
CAL2CAL provides solutions in the application architecture space. We also provide solutions offered by third-party solution providers with whom we partner. Our professional services related to application architecture leverage investments in existing technologies, identify architectural gaps, and propose methods of resolving architectural gaps.

The major components
What is CALi3TM

The CAL2CAL Information Integration Infrastructure (CALi3 TM) is a standards-based framework for integration of healthcare data and events across system boundaries. It integrates individual information held by different health departments and service providers into a common repository that is HL7 version 3 RIM compliant. The integration architecture incorporates a message broker to talk to individual systems; a Knowledge Management System (CALKMS) provides common vocabulary and lexicon; an Integrated Data Repository to store operational data; and a messaging system for issuing and managing notifications and alerts. This tool integrates seamlessly with our Business Intelligence solution CALBI.

Benefits of CALiTM

The CALiTM unique assemblage of technical infrastructure components is especially well suited to the HAI information acquisition, assimilation, and application requirements. The information management requirements of HAI fall into five areas of concern:

  • A standard based information framework integrating data across multiple sources and legacy systems into a cohesive operational Data Store, thus phasing out use of paper records securely and reliably.
  • Real-time data collection from heterogeneous systems, program area modules, consolidation and cross-indexing of data.
  • Improved quality and reliability of data assists in informed decision making.
  • Business intelligence wrappers provide enhanced levels of reporting.
  • Analysis with geographical location capabilities
  • Improved disease surveillance and expanded ability to perform epidemiological analysis in order to effectively recognize disease patterns in the community.
  • The implementation of a unifying system improved access to laboratory data and response protocols.
  • Advanced capabilities for rapid notification of public health partners, response agencies, the media, and the public.
  • Integrated directory infrastructure for public health personnel and identity management.
  • Provide access through a ubiquitous web-based portal that obviates the necessity of client-side implementations of application systems.
  • Provides a mechanism to disseminate critical information to the necessary personnel.
  • Strengthened the infrastructure to quickly identify, react, manage and control bioterrorism and pandemic disease outbreaks.

CALBI is the Business Intelligence solution that delivers information from the CALHI3 data repository. The “Situational Analysis Dashboard” built on CALBI solution provides the Health Executives a dashboard style reporting - summary view of health events and external services like the Emergency Management Information Service, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC-USA), National Health Service (NHS - UK), World Health Organisation (WHO) and Weather Services.

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