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Our ICT Group interacts with multi-lateral agencies (like The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, WHO etc.) and governments on the availability, effectiveness, and implementation of emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). These solutions improve the efficiency of Social Safety Net programs in developing and developed countries.

This work involves research and evaluation of various alternative ICTs, including nascent technology that is not yet commercially deployed. The results of these researchs are then applied to a variety of scenarios in developing countries such as those within Africa and Asia. Capacity Planning is done based on population and demographic profiles of these countries, and rightsizing evaluations for the various ICT alternatives available. The capacity planning and rightsizing evaluations profile the technology architecture, and predict the effectiveness and estimated cost of implementing these alternatives.

In 2004-05, CAL2CAL authored The World Bank’s Social Protection Discussion Paper (#522) - “Improving the Efficiency of Social Safety Net Program Delivery in Low Income Countries...” This paper is available on The World Bank website.

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> Mobile Personal Health Record Solution
> Mobile Electronic Health Record Solution
> Mobile Digital Solutions: Green Solution
> Public Health Case Management System
> Information Integration Solution
> Global ICT Consultancy
> E - Government
> Turnkey Solutions and Project Management
> Business Process Tools and mini ERP
> IT Education & Training


Health Informatics is one of the essential building blocks that underpin the development of advances in healthcare over the last decade and into the future. The world of healthcare is rapidly moving away from paper records to one of total electronic information sharing. Healthcare workers need to become conversant in Health Informatics and the essential part it plays in building electronic healthcare records.  

Education and training in Health Informatics is a must for all healthcare workers. Without formal education and training the world of electronic data sharing and healthcare records will not succeed. CAL2CAL provides the formal education and training programs for all levels of healthcare workers to gain an understanding and qualifications in Health Informatics.

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