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This tool is designed primarily to give you one more reason to make more effective use of your PDA. This tool lets you convert from one type of unit to another unit. Currently this tool helps conversion among Temperature, Speed, Length, Area, Mass, Density, Light, Time, Volume, Flow, Angle, Current, Pressure, Power, Force, Energy, Acceleration, Frequency, Angular velocity, Digital Resolution, Data, Astronomical Units, Torque and Currency.

It features a Favorites page that can be configured by you with frequently accessed unit categories. You can also memorize the last five input values, if required, in a First In First Out format in every categories of conversion. You can also define new category of conversion defined as Custom Conversion. This tool provides configuration area for configuring user specific view and functionalities for every category.

A Unit Conversion System

For the currency conversion, user is allowed to select and set his/her own preferred currencies for the conversion.


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