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CALDSG TM DYNAMIC SOFTWARE GENERATOR – A Green solution is a versatile tool to design and generate questionnaires tailored for any form of data collection on the fly. It a unique graphically driven product for the creation of surveys and data collection forms. A simple user intuitive UI guides the user through the steps necessary to create a data collection form using a desktop Windows interface. The completed form can then be published either to mobile devices (like Palm and PocketPC) or to the web.

CALDSG TM is a Rapid Forms Designer / Generator that can be used to quickly create forms for collecting data in the field using a mobile device. Data collection forms and survey questionnaires can be easily and intuitively designed without any expertise in programming, on a desktop PC and downloaded to mobile devices for field deployment and response capture. The data collected on mobile devices can be transmitted back to a desktop PC for analysis and report generation. CALDSGTM can be integrated with Business Intelligence tools to provide critical business decision support analytics and reporting.

Dynamic Survey Generation Tool

The software works in synchronization with Microsoft Office and Palm Desktop.

This product was successfully used during the PDS project in India.

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