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In 2005, CAL2CAL launched its flagship business processes management product CALBPTTM.

CAL2CAL Business Process Tool is designed to create synergy and enable excellence in business operations for small-to-medium businesses. The top priority of any business today is to interconnect diverse internal processes and integrate the internal value chain, while reacting quickly to customers' needs.

CALBPTTM helps in interconnecting commercial, production, purchasing and sales processes - across system and company boundaries resulting in a seamless cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers. It helps enhancing efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. It provides improved communication and collaboration capability, detailed report generation, escalated decision-making and increased productivity in a secure environment.

An ERP Solution

CALBPTTM can be customized to suit the needs of businesses in diverse areas including Manufacturing, Assembling, Trading, Shipping or Servicing. It provides industry-specific solutions and templates for product lifecycle management, supply chain management and real-time planning. Whether small businesses or global enterprises, tested and proven implementation methodologies give users control over deployment to reduce risks and ensure reliable results. Intelligent Production Planning anticipates business needs; real-time Inventory Management reduces wastage and costs while comprehensive Accounting ensures complete control over the end result.

All data is maintained in a centralized database, which can be accessed from a client desktop over the internet. Information can be accessed at various hierarchical levels, depending on the authorization granted.

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