Key Focus Areas
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Standards-based Application Development

CAL2CAL promotes standards-based application development and is actively involved in International standards organizations like HL7. It has published papers and presented in several prestigious international conferences on implementing standards-based application architecture.

Integration and Interoperability

As a continued effort in standards-based development, CAL2CAL is focusing on promoting integration and interoperability of existing data systems. The integration framework developed by CAL2CAL, CALHi3 can leverage existing investments in data systems by implementing a SOA based messaging infrastructure around an Integrated Data Repository. The CALHi3 framework is a collection of existing applications, custom software solutions, services and COTS products with a special emphasis on facilitating the exchange of data within and between applications and entities. CALHi3 is a best practice implementation representing the culmination of expertise and experience gain from implementing integration and interoperability concepts at federal, state, and local levels.

Public Health & Healthcare Informatics

CAL2CAL has worked with several public health and state and local government agencies to develop IT vision and implementation plan. It also constructed and implemented several case management and Patient Information Management Systems that merge sophisticated technologies with user-friendly interfaces. These systems provide health information management, case management, communication and dashboard capabilities have been deployed at public health agencies and hospitals. Our experience and research initiatives have resulted in Healthcare IT Standards domain knowledge and implementations related to HL-7, HIPAA, SNOMED and LOINC.

CAL2CAL has developed several integrated systems that provide the tools necessary for physicians in doing their job. These systems complement investment in tradition hospital information systems that are generally targeted towards hospital administration and patient billing. Our tools have the ability to integrate patient and health information from a variety of systems, and deliver them to the physician at the point of care while respecting patient privacy and data security concerns. Information can be delivered to the physician on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices.

Knowledge Management

Today’s business processes and systems typically span and connect to multiple sources that may be distributed across geographical, political and cultural boundaries. Knowledge is more potent than data or information and understanding and manipulating knowledge and vocabulary is critical to successfully manage business operations. CAL2CAL has significant experience in and has developed Knowledge Management tools for manipulating vocabulary and lexicon from a variety of sources. These tools can overlay standardized lexicon on diverse data fields and transform raw data into business knowledge.

Data Mining, Business Intelligence & GIS

CAL2CAL has expertise in data mining and business intelligence technologies. Our AVR (Analysis, Visualization & Reporting) Framework and classification and clustering algorithms provide data modeling and forecasting for decision support and risk management. These algorithms can detect trends, identify patterns and deviations, and support ad-hoc visual representation of data as well as integration with executive dashboards and GIS mapping tools.

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) & Social Safety Net Programs

CAL2CAL Corporation is committed to developing and integrating alternative, non-traditional low-cost information systems and communication tools. These initiatives integrate IT solutions and products with available administrative services and infrastructure, to provide aid to poor and needy populations living in developing countries.

Business Systems

CAL2CAL has developed and re-engineered complex on-line real-time business systems for some of the largest financial and insurance conglomerates. These systems provide integrated line-of-business support for core functional areas, using web-based technology and custom software development. They deliver information management and financial and operational reporting services to company management, key employees and independent agents across multiple locations. Our consulting services included extensive data manipulation and conversions from varied legacy information databases to these modernized systems.

Mobile Computing

CAL2CAL has developed several products for the Palm, Windows Mobile, Smart Phones and Blackberry mobile platforms. We also offer customized delivery of service and products on these platforms. Several of these products are in the shareware domain and can be downloaded freely from the Internet or our website.


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