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Customer Profile

Established in 1939 in Barbil, a mining center in Orissa, India, Mitra S.K. Private Limited offers a comprehensive package of services including sampling, supervision, and chemical analysis; as well as technical consulting, marine and general surveys. Throughout the years, Mitra SK has consistently followed the principle of providing reliable, accurate and independent assessment of quantity and quality of minerals. Its certificates are accepted worldwide for commercial transaction, making it one of the leading certification agencies in India.

Business Problems

Mitra S. K. Private Ltd. captures vessel inspection and analysis results and distributes this information to several locations around the world. Recording this information and tracking of shipments was a time and manpower intensive process. Information collected in paper form was transcribed to email. As there was no centralized process in place the volume of e-mail received by each member of Mitra SK was huge. There was a need for an efficient and reliable solution that could accurately capture, track and report shipment information and Inspection details in electronic format; and maintain data in a secure centralized location. Authenticated users can view shipment details from this centralized location.

Solution Overview

Keeping in mind existing business problems, we developed a web-based application to capture shipment information through a user-friendly interface and generate reports based on this information. Functionalities include the following:

• Capturing inspection & analysis details of shipments and customer information.
• Extensive search criteria.
• Color Coding to identify shipment status.
• Announcement section to display user or role specific information.
• Advanced reporting and data downloads with query, selection and sort criteria.
• User customization.
• Access to different functionalities of the system depends on user rights set by the system administrator

Technology Used

Application was web-based hosted in IIS 5.0 or above and built in Microsoft® .NET environment with SQL Server 2000 as the relational database.

Potential Benefits

This has increased productivity by eliminating redundant paperwork. Number of e-mails has reduced since the deployment of MSKIE and employees and customers can view shipment information from a single centralized location which has helped to eliminate the existence of same information at multiple locations. Automatic e-mail generation has also played a vital role in increasing productivity in Mitra SK. The customer has reported overall increase of productivity and satisfaction by its employees and customers.

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